Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Central American Independence Day (An Ode to Native History)

On Sept. 18th, 2011 in Los Angeles, Calif. The Nations of the Spainish and Native American decent headed to the streets of LA to promote there very own culture and nations. There was an amazing turn out from the crowds, the streets were packed with spectators from all nations.

We are all one family, and to promote the wellness of all people in UNITY the Yamassee Muskogee Nation was present, and walked in honor with Chief Danny of the Navajo & Apache during the parade. The parade had floats and walkers alike from all the different leagues of nations, It was an amazing experience for all who attended, and a profound moment for Native Americans re claiming there true ancestry.

Navajo & Apache Chief Danny presents Brother Rushing Rivers with a gift from one to nation to another. A great moment on our journey!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Q & A - Questions About The Yamasee Today

Is the Yamassee ( Muskogee ) Nation affiliated with any other Clan or Nation?
And who Authorized the creation of the Nation?


NO, The Yamassee Muskogee Nation is not Affiliated nor Chartered by any other , Clan or "Embassy Nations".We are working with several legal Geniune Native American organizations, to bring Unity amongst other tribes, and nations, pertaining to the Condition of our Mother Earth! For the integrity of "We the People" of the Muskogee , creek Stock, we do not deal with Rogue Splinter Tribes! A"FUNCTIONING" Government,with Constitutions put in place and established by the people, and for the people must be present, along with a tribal Council.

*AUTHORIZATION* The Tribal Elders of Florida and other Muskogee Creek descendants authorized the Formation of The ( New )Yamassee Muskogee Nation, after searching for another Pure Blood Yamassee descendant to lead as Miki (Chief). Utilizing the U.N. Declaration of the rights of Indengious People the Constitution of The Yamassee Muskogee Nation, has been ratified by our Matriarchs & Tribal Elders of "WE the People" of Muskogee Stock.

Are you an African Group, or a Moorish faction of Indians?
NO, we are a Multi-Ethnic group of NATIVE AMERICANS as described in Wiki & Our Nation comprises mostly of the core family affiliated with the Yamassee as it once did in history! As Congressional records show, we were described as "African Indians" and that is the core of our nation, being dark Skinned, but Our members & citizens are all of Different Shades, from Pale to Dark hue, as well as Our Red brothers and sisters. Also we recognize the endless information of Yamassee who describe themselves only as Moor(s), but this is inaccurate for us, and Unfair to Our other family members who know themselves to be of Muskogee (Yamassee) Stock!

How do the Yamassee Nation feel about Taxes?

You should Pay them!
And follow the laws of any country in which you intend on living!
Being Native American does not exempt everyone from paying taxes, as the Chief says " If you were a Sovereign visiting China, you would have to follow the laws of that country, there is no difference here!"
How Ever the Tax laws are different when "LIVING" on the reservation!
We should always, research and not assume!

Can any one become a member  of the Yamassee Muskogee Nation?
NO, there is Qualifications involved, and legal documents must be presented, one MUST HAVE proof of identity.

Source - Yamasseenation.org 

The Yamasee Family

 Here is a a collection of photos and historical documents in relation to the Yamassee Muskogee Nation of Florida, The background music was supplied by Yamassee Native's Chris Rushing Rivers Noxx & Grand Chief Sekhu Hidden Eagle Thunderbird Gentle - Who are also in the business world half of the Multi Platinum Songwriting & Production team Tha Piecemakerz.

If your interested in purchasing a copy of the Native American Meditation album, go to Tha Sounds of a Hidden Tribe

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did you know Yamasee Means "Gentle" (Ya' ma - si)?

 The Yamasee Today

As text shows in the Encyclopedia of Native American tribes, the name Yamasee pronounced Ya'ma-si (Ya mah see) means Gentle. Carrying on the name, the bloodline, and perpetuating the Yamasee way of life is The Grand Chief of the Yamasee - Sekhu Gentle.

Click Here for The Excerpt

Chief Sekhu Hidden Eagle Thunderbird Gentle        1974 - Present 

Born August 25th, 1974 in Florida to Chief Brenda Red Crow Thunderbird Mitchell, Daughter of Betty Robinson & Edward James Mitchell.

Chief Sekhu's father is Colonel Geronimo Gentle son of Katherine Simmons & Willie Gentle.

Chief Sekhu Hidden Eagle is the one of the Few Last Yamassee Pure bloods, that was raised and taught by the Tribal Elders.

 The Clan mothers, Principal Chief Hidden Eagle & Grand Matron

Visit for more on the Yamasee http://www.yamasseenation.org/content/view/30/45/

Extinct? Putting The Puzzle Together

For those who have been interested in learning about who the Yamassee were, and are in present day one can can easily go into your favorite search engine and spend hours trying piece together the information. Through Sites like wikipedia, historical documents, & books we can find the entire picture, and put it back together, piece by piece.

Wikipedia says the Yamasee are extinct?

Total population
Extinct as tribe
Regions with significant populations
United States United States (Georgia, northern Florida, and South Carolina[1])
Yamasee language (extinct)
traditional tribal religion
Related ethnic groups
Tama, Guale,[2] Seminole, Hitchiti,[1] and other Muskogean tribes

One of the reasons for this current confusion is that it comes from the fact that they (the Natives) did not classify each other by names, like the way the colonists did. This explains why researching, one has to look under not just Yamasee, but Yemasee, Yamassee, & Ya'ma-si.

The colonist gave names to groups, or tribes of people based upon how they interacted with them and there land. The names were recorded by many & interpreted from the different factions who encountered them. With each "historian" came his view, his opinion, his rendition.
Researching, one can only say it was the attempt of the settlers to try and divide and conquer the indigenous peoples. The colonist convinced them of the advantage of being able to identify each tribe located by regions, then separated them by creating boarders, from their maps of the territory. 

 More to come on Putting The Puzzle Together

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Yamasee Indians

The Yamassee Indians have been described as the most fierce warriors of all the native tribes (the colonist ),
encountered. And according to wiki submitter s they are extinct and without language!

But if we take a closer look at congressional records and confessions, of sub committees, they could have never disappeared.
This leaves me to question wiki's policy of accurate information, and those whom would continue this false hood.

Researching and being led by the Current Yamassee Nation ( http://www.yamasseenation.org) to Congressional online documents, show it would be impossible for this group of Indigenous people to have ever been, annihilated  especially if they were described as " Negro" or of "African" descent or even African, European books even make the claim they were here before the land bridge. Refer to Congressional link page 824 :  Congressional Online Link.

The documents being shown , verifies how these people survived, and had their own towns, even after the purported history of all of them going to the south (Florida), and falling out of existence!
The general term used in congressional records of "Negro" and " African" seems to summarizes the majority of the US population at this moment and describes what Seminole or Miccosuki use to look like. 

(Black Seminole Woman)
 Further research says these people were here before the Birth of Christ. And the validity of that statement can be seen in the Catawban  language /yį musí:/, literally "people-ancient" which would make plenty of since. Refer to Wiki link : (Catawban Reference)

(Cubans And the Yamassee)
Quote from " The Struggle for the Georgia Coast" " Though research is still ongoing,  living descendants of these African-Guale and Guale-Yamassee may yet be discovered in Modern Cuba".

How does that play out for whom the Guale were? Well history says they were and (Are) the Yamassee After a certain time period.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Total population
Extinct as tribe
Regions with significant populations
Related ethnic groups
Possibly Muskogean peoples: Creek
"Guale was an historic Native American chiefdom along the coast of present-day Georgia and the Sea IslandsSpanish Florida established its Roman Catholic missionary system in the chiefdom in the late 16th century. During the late 17th century and early 18th century, Guale society was shattered from extensive epidemics of new infectious diseases and warfare from other tribes. Some of the surviving remnants migrated to the mission areas of Spanish Florida while others remained near the Georgia coast. Joining with other survivors, they became known as the Yamasee, an ethnically mixed group that emerged in a process of ethnogenesis.'

Let the correct Spelling Of Yamassee Step Up!
Seems to be very clear and precise to me! But do your own research and see for your self, better yet I Challenge  "History Buffs" to get off their Lazy Computer chair butts and just search Yamassee in any Spelling  of their choosing in Google books, and see all of the information available hidden in these very resourceful documents!
I mentioned the spelling, because people honestly think the spelling matters, when to be exact the Y did not exist when these people were first encountered so it could have only been spelled with a "J" or something similar.
This name “Jesus” commonly used in Christianity today did not exist and would not be spelled with the letter “J” until about 500 years ago. This article will also discuss the grammatical errors involved in the transliteration of Yahshua into Greek and Latin, which radically changed the form of Yahshua’s name." 
Taken from :  http://www.plim.org/JesusOrigin.htm

Upper & Lower Yamassee or Upper & Lower Creek?
The 5 Civilized tribes include the Yamassee...

On this subject I Will let the documents Speak for themselves!
Please refer to  Page 27 of the Pdf  taken from :
The Us Gov Census:

Part 2 of this Information coming Soon!

Goto the Yamassee (Muskogee) Nation or google Yamassee Nation for more information, they are working on setting the record Straight for their world wide family!
or see them on facebook!

Who are The Yamassee Muskogee Nation?

As Shown on the Old map of Florida, it is where The Yamasee were, and what they were called according to the Colonial Spaniards, and Europeans. It is no coincidence that here is where a majority of the Yamasee reside today.

The Yamassee Native Americans, a Supposed extinct Tribe has been Proven to exist, not just by claims but factual information, and documents. If you would like to find out about the Nation Visit -www.yamasseenation.org